Why technology and old age don’t go hand in hand

I’m back, I’m sorry I didn’t post, all the bla bla… Now let’s move on.

So, if you ever decide to “make it big” in another country, it is my advice to never and I do mean NEVER let you older dear ones near the source of wonders that is called the internet. Why? You can never know what they come up with because “they worry about you”.

Long story short, my grandma’s friend got way too friendly with this source of reliable information called the internet lately, not that they weren’t worrying enough about thieves, racists who’d love to stab’ em some foreigners, all disease ever known on earth and not only, radioactivity, earthquakes, tsunamis that might hit the awesome touristic island you’re spending your holidays on exactly when you’re there, etc. No, the latest ingenious idiotic idea that the internet has apparently spawned is this: when you apply for a work visa in a foreign country, upon moving to the said country you have to spend 30 days at the police station. Now, I don’t know when the police station became a renowned hotel chain, but I was not informed of such an important, indisputable fact.  Of course, she had to let my grandmother know what kind of fate is expecting her beloved grand-daughter and now this has become a heated argument in my family. Obviously I had to wipe my tears of laughter upon hearing such an atrocity- and that took me a while- and really, all I can say is THANK YOU INTERNET for making old people more paranoid than they already are.

I say there should be an age limit to internet users, really, and hopefully better protection methods against old people using the internet than there are for underage children using porn sites.  All that is left now is to explain to my elderly grandmother that I will not be spending a month in a private suite offered by the generosity of the police and I will definitely not be getting friendly with a bunch of escorts.


Children’s Day

Yo~ So since Children’s Day is coming today I had a little trip with my students to an amusement park and here are the pictures. The first time in a looong time I had the cnace to be a child and I loved it. I hope you enjoy the pictures and I hope you will have a great Children’s Day too!

Gadgets and much more…

So so so~ Since Today I’m getting my second pay check and I still had some money left and a few needs, yesterday I went shopping. Well, my needs were basically a cellphone and some T-shirts since I’m kinda running out of stuff to wear and here it keeps getting hotter and hotter. So I did manage to buy the cutest phone ever (I even have a Hello Kitty menu- too adorable!) and luckily for me it wasn’t even that expensive- a little under 100 dollars. It has music, videos, bluetooth, touch- screen, it reads and writes chinese- in other words is perfect for the amount of money spent. Oh, and did I tell you what the red numbers on the lid are? Since the lid itself doesn’t have a screen, it has LCD and shows me the time after I close it or when I get a message or a call- and it’s moving. Crazy, right? I uploaded some pics of it and also of my MP5 Player that I bought a month ago- people around here can be really loud so I always listen to music. The player’s name is Pluto- hence the cute Pluto sticker on it.

Now a little something about shopping around here. Remember that one first time when you were told that everything you’re buying was probably made in China? Well, it’s true. Technology? It’s all here- I was stupefied when I found out Lenovo, the brand of my laptop is a Chinese brand. And I mean it when I say it’s one of the best. Everyone in here, be it Chinese or foreigner uses Lenovo products- comps, laptops, phones, everything! And let me tell you this: EVERYTHING is cheaper! So when we get to buy all these things in our country we get to pay all the taxes and other costs that they can add. We pay a freakin’ lot! Well, ok, here you pay a lot too- they spyke up the prices as much as they can, sometimes they double the value so you need to know how to bargain or they’ll totally rip you off. But still… My phone’s initial price was 700 Yuen but I got it down to 550- not much and I probably still paid more than I should’ve but I liked it and I really didn’t have the patience to bargain too much. So yeah, bargain for your stuff but don’t overdo it- you will pay more than you should anyway and it’s still cheaper than you’ll ever get it in your country. Clothes- Oh My God. Don’t even get me started. We do get all our clothes from China and believe me when I say that all we get are leftovers. Compared to the stuff I ssee in here and to the fashion going around we get all the cheap and ugly things. I think before leaving I will reserve one salary just for clothes and gadgets shopping. Now, they do have a lot of kitsch stuff and bad quality ones, so be careful and check everything that you buy before paying. Some of the things have little or big defects but they won’t tell you that. That’s also ok if it’s a little defect that you can repair yourself because that means you can bargain for the item and get it a lot cheaper.

Also, be carefull of all the small shops in the streets, I know they’re interesting, but not always the best choice. If you buy your clothes, don’t be cheap, go for a brand shop or go to a mall- plenty of small shops with cheap and quality clothes. Probably the stuff they sell on the streets is either fake or used.

TIP: Bargaining- if you don’t speak Chinese and you don’t have someone who does with you and you want to buy something just ask “How much?”, most of the times they’ll get it. Since they can’t speak english they will use a calculus and show you the price at which point you either start bargaining or you nod your said and say “Too much” and head to the exit- they will most probably come after you and ask you how much you would pay. I usually say something around 3 quarters of the initial sum but it can vary. They will then either agree (not very likely) or give you their second price. You can just offer a little less than that and they most of the time agree to that. That’s how it usually works for me.  Just try not to be too uptight- they’re trying to make a living too and you probably make more money in a month than they make in three.

This is it for now. Jajajajan~!


Yo~ I’m still alive, don’t worry! Dead tired and all the crap but still Crawling around. So these are some pictures I took when I went on a mountain last week and I edited a little. Dunno why, I just felt like playing with them a bit. Aaand this is the result.They actually reflect the way I’m feeling these days since I’ve been quite down lately. Now, the originals are not much different and the fact that there was this really thick fog when I took the pictures makes them look quite mysterious, so I actually like the photos without the editing too. I’ll upload those as well today.

Only one of the pictures has my signature because I was too lazy to sign all of them, so please do not copy, re-post or use them without asking. They’re quite personal.

Shunde Garden

Since the Easter is coming I decided to make an effort (lazy me!) and post the pictures from the garden I visited last week- the most romantic place I’ve ever been to after the palace in Krakow. The way up there is a little tiring and all but it’s definitely worth the effort! The view up in the tower is just breath-taking and that place is just as romantic as it gets- be it the tower, be it the Monkey Pond. Also the heart on the stone with a hand on it (the hand of my friend Annie) is supposed to be a place where couples place their hands together and pray for their love. Just adorable! I totally loved the small pond full of frogs- their singing was a little off- pitch but all in all adorable and seeing frogs jump on each- others’ backs was sooo freakin’ funny! But my favorite place was for sure the small Monkey Pond full of flowers. The monkey statues were really cute- there were also two little monkeys hugging each- other somewhere carved in the stone. Also I loved the pigeons- they actually come and sit on your hand if you put some corn on your palm and eat it. I managed to take a picture of one pigeon eating from my hand, the other pictures are of my friend, Annie and another girl that was there. It was cool how two or three pigeons would come and sit on your hand and fight to get to eat, but I think a bit heavy too.  Oh, and you will probably see a lot of pictures of my friend- she is just too cute, I had to take pictures of her! All in all a really nice afternoon with a few disturbances from different groups of guys who kept screaming “Hi!” or “Beautiful!” around me- flattering really, but sometimes annoying too.

This is it from a really tired Baka Ranger for now. I hope you have a great Easter everyone and please celebrate properly with your family and friends- I wish I had someone to celebrate with now. But nobody celebrates Easter here so I will be working even on Easter day. So make sure you have fun for me too, nee~! I hope these pictures are a nice present from me for everyone for this Easter.


Bao Lin Si- The day of the Dead


Been a while but I am back- really too busy these days and didn’t have time or the patience to write anything. So here are som pictures I took last week in the Bao Lin Temple in Daliang. Fortunately, I went there on a celebration day so there were a lot of people praying (It was the Day of the Dead) and everything was so nice~

The go all the way up to the highest part of the temple and pray there because apparently, the higher you go and pray, your prayers are more powerful. And you can buy a lot of things made especially for celebrations and they are really cute. Also, there was a small pond with a turtle in the middle and full of turtles as well, so I guess it’s quite a common thing. But the turtles are soooooooooo totally cute and for a while me and the other teacher I went with were just looking at a turtle teaching its smaller sister or brother to swim. That was the most adorable thing ever and it made me want to take them home- unfortunately, I think that would have been illegal so I had to give up on doing so. In the main building there were some priests holding some kind of a ceremony and the whole place was kinda impressive.

Since the batteries of my camera ran out pretty fast I have some more pictures on my phone and I’ll be uploading them tomorrow.


Foshan Garden

After a break I’m back with some more pictures from a really beautiful park here in Foshan. I really loved the place, it’s like a little piece of heaven for me. Enjoy!

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